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The Bioled® multiespectral light sensor BMLS-21 is an instrument specially designed to measure permanent Irradiance in RAS systems. The permanent measurement of Irradiance in RAS systems is critical to maintain correct levels in the face of changes in water turbidity and increased fish density.

The BMLS-21 is capable of measuring Irradiance expressed in [W/ m^2] within the visible wavelength range from 380 to 770 [nm], and with a 210°capture angle thanks to its Fresnel lens located on the photoreceptor.

The sensor electronics are protected by a watertight encapsulation that allows it to work permanently submerged in water, without risk to equipment, fish and operators.

  • It has Tri-stimulus XYZ + NIR performed by silicon interference filters.

  • ADC of 16 bits with digital access.

  • Factory calibrated.

  • Stable filter conditions over temperature and lifetime.

  • Compact true color detection, XYZ coordinates directly from the sensor.

  • On-chip signal processing, reduced hardware costs.

  • Sample illumination without external LED driver

  • Easy connection to mobile devices or external µController.

Work Experience

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