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OT 240W

This LED high-bay light shines brightly when reliability and performance are critical. With Fireflier’s  unique Ripple lens design, OT 240W can reach up to 150lm/w, the 200-  watt OT emits 28000 lumens of bright natural white illumination. The high-bay light  is comparable to a 500-watt metal-halide (MH) fixture. And with a life expectancy that’s 3 times as  long as MH fixtures—the LED light reduces costly repairs and the need for replacements.

  • Recommended for use in the first feeding and fingerling stages.

  • The white spectrum light mimic the natural stimulation produced by sun light, particularly suitable for hatchery and RAS facilities.

  • The white spectrum emitted stimulates the photoreceptors of the retina, allowing a better visualization of the pellet by activating the feeding.

  • Highly versatile luminaire with dimming function allows you to fit with differents types of tanks

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